October 9, 2004
"Yankee Lady"

October 15, 2004

On October 9, 2004 the Yankee Air Museum at Willow Run Airport suffered a terrible fire that destroyed the historic hangar housing the museum. Through the heroic efforts of a few members, the beautifully restored B-17, C-47 and B-25 aircraft were moved out of the building, before the fire reached them, thus saving the heart of the collection. In addition, all the historic aircraft on display outside of the main building were untouched by the fire. The museum did however, lose virtually all of the tooling, equipment and spare parts for all of the aircraft, plus all the office and display fixtures and equipment, totaling well over $1,000,000. While thousands of irreplaceable artifacts, photos and books were lost in the fire, the Volunteers at the museum are thankful that the aircraft collection remains largely intact. Only a small number of non-flyable aircraft that were in restoration inside the hanger were lost.

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Yankee Air Museum –Willow Run Airport Belleville, MI.

2004 Hanger Fire Recovery Requirements

Flight Operations & Maintenance Group



§ Tool Storage Boxes & Cabinets                  § Hand Tools-Sets-Fractional

§ Eddy Current Testers                                  § Engine Bore Scopes Flexible

§ Pneumatic Tools                                          § Inspection Mirrors

§ Work Benches, Storage Cabinets & Vises   § Bench Grinders, Drill Press & Band Saws

§  Sand Blaster-Glass Bead                            § Solvent Washers & Ultrasonic Cleaner

§ 28 Volt Rectifer-220Volt (engine starter)     § Air Hose & Fittings

§ Air Compressor                                           § Aircraft Engine Compression Tester

§ Spark Plug Cleaners, Gappers & Sockets    § Torque Wrenches: in lbs.

§ Cable Tensionmeters                                   § Cable Swaging Tools

§ Oil Filter Cutters                                          § Cherry Max Pneumatic Pullers

§ Large Shallow Drip Pans for Engines            § Funnels & Oil Liquid Dispensing Containers

§ Propeller Tools (23E50 Series Props)          § Pitot-Static System Tester-Barfly Checker

§ Oxyacetylene Torches & Gauges/Regulators § TIG or GMAW Welders

§ Nitrogen Bottle-Strut Servicing                     § Tire Gauge (300PSI)& Strut Gauge(3000PSI)

§ Magnaflux Spot Check Kit                           § Electrical Circuit Testers

§ Pallet Jacks & 55gal Drum Handlers             § Explosion Proof Portable Fluorescent Lights

§ Portable Hanger Lighting                              § Hand Held Flashlights

§ Aircraft Approved Battery Chargers             § Hand Held Pneumatic Vacuums

§ Safety Wire Tools & Safety Wire                 § Cutting Tools(Drills-Ext Drills-Thrd. Shank)

§ Taps & Dies & Reamers                              § Hole DeBurring Tools

§ Cleco Fasteners & Installation Tools             § Rivet & Squeezer Sets, Bucking Bars

§  Portable Electric Radiant Heaters                 § Aircraft Hardware (Rivets, Nuts, Bolts ect)

§  Electrical Wiring Tools                                 § Parts Storage/Hardware Bins (small)

§  Tube Flaring Tools (Double), Benders &Cutters§ Dzus Fasteners & Installation Tools

§  Rivet Cutters                                                § Stop Countersinks & Cutters

§  Aircraft Aluminum                                        § Beading Tools

§  Abrasives & Sanding Accessories                § Tapes: Fine Line, Riveters, and Masking

§  Screw Removal Tools                                  § Grease Gun Equipment

§  Measurement Tools: Calipers, Mics.             § Riv-Nut Tools








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